Have You Considered Refinancing Your Mortgage?

by: Zachary H. Champion, Esquire, Managing Attorney for REO/Retail Closings

Have you considered refinancing your mortgage?  Now may be a good time.  This week, Zillow’s economist Matthew Speakman informed the Wall Street Journal that “[m]ortgage rates fell this week . . . [a]fter months of barely budging.”  Access the full article here.   If you are interested in refinancing, reach out to our settlement department today at reostatus@sterneisenberg.com. Stern & Eisenberg offers full-service closing and title services in NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, WV, and DC.

Our law firm can streamline your closing/settlement while working with our preferred lenders and title department.  You may be eligible for cash-out options with certain lenders.   In Maryland, we can actually conduct the closing inside your home—removing the need for you to travel.

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