Regulatory Compliance

Legislative, Regulatory, and Internal Compliance

We are committed to the leadership and management of comprehensive regulatory, client and firm-wide internal compliance. The compliance department is comprised of experienced attorneys whose core focus is securing integrity and quality control throughout the entire compliance system which is not only required by client standards but it is mission critical to a successful law practice. Making compliance operational, is a central and vital job.

The core focus of internal compliance is strict quality control measures that enables the compliance team to oversee all aspects of compliance across all departments and locations, preventing harm and creating organizational value in our processes

Our team is always available to assist and provide guidance for state and federal regulatory compliance matters and prides itself on providing succinct relevant opinions. Let us help you navigate the complexities of the ever-changing landscape of regulatory compliance.

Director of Compliance
Oliver Ayon, Esquire
(215) 572-8111 Ext. 1340
Compliance Auditor
Kristin Catagnus
(215) 572-8111

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